Friday, August 20, 2010

Product Review - Beauty Rush liquid glitter liner by Victoria's Secret

Hi everyone! Here is the Product review as promised. Today I'll be featuring a brand you've most likely heard of – Beauty Rush by Victoria’s Secret. Beauty Rush has all kinds of beauty products, but I really want to talk about there liquid glitter liner.

I bought this product to see if they were any good. I was surprised of the pay off! There is an actual colored liquid liner with reflects glitter that coordinate with colored liner. I got 3 of the shades out of 6, copper hot rich medium brown, liquid metal deep charcoal gray and gold crush bright, bold gold. The liners are fragrant free, They go on really smooth, with chunks of glitter. This product is long lasting, the applicator are just like a standard brush tip liquid liner and very easy to use. Price of this product is $7 but if you buy 3 its $15. Great for everyday and party looks.

Ok now there is a downside to this, I did some research and some people had a reaction to it, they said it burned there eyelid and some didn’t feel anything. Personally I would have to say I like this product and I didn’t have any problem. If you want to try it you can buy it at your own risk, knowing that it might burn and you just wasted $7.

Tip: Use a black liner close to the lash line then out line it with Beauty Rush glitter liner.

Well guys hope you like this review and hopefully it helped, leave me a feed back. 

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