Thursday, March 3, 2011

Great makeup under $2 :)

I went to Sally Beauty Supply store today to pick up some stuff. I went to the counter to pay, wile the girl was ringing things in i was looking around, and saw the cutest makeup ever! They were so cute that i had to have some!

They are Sally Girl backed eyeshadow, i got 3 to try and they were $1.29 each. The eye shadow's don't have names only numbers. The ones that i got was 388122 golden highlight color ,388124 copper, and 388131 charcoal color. As soon as i got home i had to tested them, for $1.29 the color payoff was really good. The charcoal color was shear and i had to build it to my liking. Packaging is really good, not the cheap kind. It contains 0.05 Oz. or 1.4 g of eyeshadow.

 I had it on from 5pm to 12:30 am with out any primer, there was no creasing just faded a bit. I would buy them again for myself. Find a Sally Beauty store near you and give it a try!

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